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Rento Sauna pail in aluminium/bamboo, grey

Brand: Rento
Product code: 261307
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Sauna buckets and ladles in aluminium and bamboo
Rento’s aluminium buckets and ladles are made of colour-anodised aluminium and heat-treated bamboo. The range includes a sauna pail, wash room bucket, ladle and watering jug. The ladle can also be used for sauna scents.

The basic colours of the aluminium buckets and ladles are tar brown and champagne. The range also features special-edition tones that vary seasonally. The new colors for 2013 are birch green and buckthorn orange. The colours of the buckets and ladles have been designed to harmonise with our seat covers. The range also includes a sauna thermometer.

Well taken care of, the buckets and ladles will keep in excellent condition a long time. Make sure to empty them after use and do not leave them in a hot, humid sauna. Clean the surfaces if necessary with mild, soapy water, using a soft sponge or brush.

Sauna pail
Volume 5 l, height 20 cm, ø 23 cm

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