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Narvi NM 600 6,0 kW gray Electric sauna heater

Brand: Narvi
Product code: NARVI-900333
Delivery time: 8-15 business days
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The gray Narvi NM 600 (effect 6kW) is a basic electric sauna heater that has been designed for easy usage and durability. This model is extremely popular in Finland! The sauna heater has been manufactured by high quality materials. Due to the large stone compartment, it will offer you great steam. The control switch can be easily installed either on the left or right hand side of the sauna heater.

The color alternatives are graffiti gray, black and honed rustproof steel.

The diameter of a heating element of electrical heaters made by NARVI Oy is exceptionally big (8.5 mm). This extends the usage life of a heating element and significantly reduces the risk of overheating.

NM 600
 Capacity of the steam room 6–9 m³
 Power 6 kW
Measurements and weight  
 Height 58 cm
 Width 43 cm
 Depth 28 cm
 Total weight / Amount of stones 40 kg / 30 kg
 Fuse 3 x 10 A
 Connecting cable 5 x 1,5
 Encasing painted / stainless steel
Safety distances  
 To the sides 50 mm
 In front 80 mm
 Upwards 1150 mm
 To the floor 120 mm

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