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Placing an order

It is easy to place orders at NordicHomeWare.com via our online shop. First add all the items you want to purchase into the Shopping cart. Shopping cart will display the total sum, estimated delivery times and costs for you to check before you proceed. When all the items you want to order are in the Shopping cart and you want to place an order, just press the Checkout button and you will be redirected to a page where you can fill in your billing and shipping addresses. After that you can choose the payment method and you will be redirected to the payment provider from which you will return to our order confirmation pages. After a successful payment transaction, you will receive a receipt of your order in the email address you provided during checkout. This is a confirmation that the order has been created and will be handled. You will receive separate order handling and tracking information throughout the order handling process via email and also SMS.

Product prices and product information

All the prices displayed on our online shop include Finnish VAT of 24% (we are a Finnish company). As a private customer, you do not have to pay any other taxes or customs as we are shipping items only inside European Union. Only the delivery cost is added to your order (see details in the next section).

All prices displayed on our online shop are valid until further notice and we reserve the right to make changes without separate prior notifications. As we strive to maintain all the prices correct, we do not take any responsibility of false or incorrect pricing. We reserve the right to cancel any order based on erroneous or invalid prices or obvious pricing mistakes. In this case, we notify the customer immediately. The customer can then always cancel the order if he/she wants. We also reserve the right to cancel the order if the order information or customer / business information is incorrect, or if we suspect abuse.

All product information (names, descriptions, images, attached files) is provided as is and we are not responsible for any errors related to product information or misunderstanding product information. More information about the products on our pages can be found on the manufacturer's own web pages or in the manufacturer's catalogs. If any of the products you have ordered for some reason are not available any more, we can replace it with an equivalent replacement product or will return the amount paid for that particular product.

NordicHomeWare.com is not responsible for incorrect orders made by our customers - the customer is him/herself responsible to check and make sure the suitability of the products ordered to his or hers purpose and that the products are allowed to be installed and used in the country they are shipped to and installed in. We recommend that you always check the product information on the manufacturer's website or in the manufacturer's catalog and ask our customer service or the manufacturer if you have any doubts.

Deliveries, Delivery costs and customer's responsibilities during receipt of the products

Delivery countries
We currently deliver products to Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and France. If you want to have delivery to another country, please feel free to contact our Customer service.

Delivery costs
Delivery costs for the products vary between different products depending on size, weight and volume and the chosen shipping country. You can easily see each product’s delivery cost by selecting first the delivery country from our navigation bar (located at the top of the each page) and then opening the product information page where it is stated. Total shipping cost is always automatically calculated in the shopping cart for a combination of products when the delivery country has been selected. If the Shopping cart contains items with varying delivery costs, you only pay for the highest shipping cost ladder (no buildup of shipping costs). This does not apply to separate delivery products (explained in a later section).

Delivery costs can be roughly divided to the following ladders:

  • Products shipped as parcels (typically up to 20kg or 30kg depending on the delivery country).
    Delivery costs for parcels start from 19.90 EUR, depending on country and type/size of parcel
  • Products shipped on a pallet (typically heavier or larger items)
    Delivery costs for pallets start at 49 EUR, depending on country and type/size of item

Shopping cart automatically calculates total freight cost so if you are unsure, just add all the products to the Shopping cart and it will be calculated automatically for you (just make sure you have selected the delivery country from the top navigational bar).

Some items may have free deliveries to specific countries and they are stated on the product page when the delivery country has been selected.

Extra handling fee for small orders
For all orders totaling under 25 EUR (worth of products including VAT) a handling fee of 10 EUR is added.

Separate delivery items
Some of the products have special separate delivery costs attached to them based on the difficulty of shipping or if the items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. These costs are always stated on the product page and Shopping cart and will be added to cart total in addition to the normal product delivery costs. For items having the same separate delivery group the freight cost is paid only once.

Delivery times
You see an estimate of the delivery time for each product on the product page, shopping cart and order receipt for each product line. Our delivery times are normally as follows:

  • Products in stock: 3-8 working days
  • Products that are out of stock: about 8-15 working days
  • Special order products: about 2-4 weeks (or other confirmed time)
  • Products in supplier's stock: about 8-15 working days (or other confirmed time)

Products in our warehouse are shipped normally the same or the next business day and depending on the delivery country and freight company can delivery take additional 2-7 working days. Delivery period begins after we have received the payment on our account and the order has been taken into handling. The final delivery is confirmed when we process your order - you will receive a message in your order confirmation on this.

Delivery times are our best estimates but we cannot 100% guarantee a specific delivery will be within the estimated time as there can sometimes be issues related to delivery companies, national holidays or just bad luck during the delivery.

Small products are delivered mainly by parcel and the receiver picks up the delivery at the nearest postal office or similar service location. Failure to collect a delivered package in time from the postal service center or service point before it is shipped back to us (normally two weeks) is considered a return. We charge 40 EUR for packages returned to us if they have not been picked up in time.

If the delivery includes larger parcels or pallets, delivery normally takes place with the delivery van or truck and the products will be delivered directly to the shipping address during the daytime, typically between 8 AM and 4 PM. Normally the driver or delivery company is instructed to contact you before the delivery (but this is not always the case). If you want a specific delivery date for your order you can specify that in the order's additional information / communication field during the checkout process.  Upon delivery of a pallet or large consignment, if the recipient cannot be reached at the time of delivery, products will be returned to the terminal and a notice of missed delivery will be left and you are asked to contact the delivery company to reschedule the delivery. There may be additional costs for rescheduled deliveries. If the products cannot be delivered to the recipient or recipient cannot be reached, they are sent back to our warehouse and all transportation and handling related actual costs incurred are charged from the customer.

The products are delivered as a rule, always as a one shipment or consignment, meaning if any product in the order is not immediately available, products are not shipped before all the products are ready to be shipped. In these cases, we will notify the customer immediately, either by email or phone and announce the estimated time of delivery. Delivery costs do not include delivery to islands or other areas outside the normal postal and logistical distribution areas. If you order goods for use on an island and it is outside normal logistical network, you should specify an address on the mainland to which there is normal traffic connections and then it is customer’s responsibility to handle the transportation to the island. Remember that one must always be on hand to receive the product. Delivery country for the shipping must be the same country as the billing address country  at the moment.

Receiving the products
The customer should always ensure that there is a person on site who can check and confirm the delivery when the delivery arrives. Products are unloaded always on place in the vehicle's immediate vicinity in the shipping address and by default never include carry-in service. Delivery address needs to be a valid official address with street name, number, postal code, city and receiver’s contact details (mobile phone number). Delivery also never includes installation.

A dispatch note or a referral is always included in the delivery. Customer must immediately on receipt check that the delivery corresponds to the dispatch note and that the products are not damaged during transport. If you notice a transport damage upon receipt, you must immediately on the spot notify the delivery company and/or the driver (or for parcels the postal office or service point staff). Also contact our customer service immediately. Always save the dispatch note. Best is if you can document the damage of the consignment by photographing it and sending it to our customer service. Note that if the damage is clearly visible at the time of delivery and no reservations or markings exist in the consignment note or no notification has been given to the driver/delivery company/postal office staff, then customer is responsible for all the damages visible at the time of delivery.

It is also important that you inspect your goods and shipment thoroughly immediately after receipt of the delivery. Is there a hidden damage that is not visible until you have removed the packaging, the damage must be photographed (the broken product from various angles and the original box and consignment the products are sent in) and the images should be e-mailed to our customer service along with the order's reference number and a description of the damage at the latest within 5 days of receipt of the products. If any hidden damage is not reported within 5 days, no complaint can anymore be opened to the delivery company and we cannot take any responsibility for such hidden damages (after 5 days’ notice period).

Returns and Exchanges

NordicHomeWare.com customers have a right to return or exchange a product within 14 days of delivery and receiving the goods. This return policy does not extend to products, which are produced or altered according to the customer’s wishes or which are only manufactured for the particular customer. The customer has a right to return an item if:

  • The order has been cancelled according to our terms and conditions by notifying our Customer service via email within 14 days of delivery and receipt of goods and customer has received our instructions and permission to return the product
  • The item has not been used or tried to be taken into use,
  • The item is in the condition that the customer received it in and all the parts of the product are included in the package and the package itself is whole and intact,
  • The item has been repackaged into its original package

When you return a product, you should always first contact our Customer Service for instructions. The products are returned to the address we specify. The item must be returned immediately after cancellation. We cannot accept returned products without a prior agreement on the return. Customer is responsible for all costs associated with the return. The product has to be flawless, 100% valid and in its original packaging. Save thus the package and its contents carefully. Customers are responsible for any shipping damage during the return shipping, so therefore we recommend that you package products very carefully. A damaged item will not be accepted as a return or exchanged if it cannot be established that the item has been damaged during the first shipping.

The purchase price (excluding any possible shipping charges for the return) will be refunded within 14 business days after the seller has received the product and has identified it as flawless.

The right to return does not apply to corporate or business customers, except in cases where the product has an error.

If the product has a defect which is not related to shipping, manufacturer or importer of the product is normally responsible for the costs of return shipping and replacing the defected product. You should also in these cases contact our Customer service as soon as you have discovered the error.

Product Warranty

All the products hold the same warranty periods as the manufacturers normally grant. If you have questions related to product warranties, please contact our Customer service or the manufacturer.


Unfortunately we are unable to provide installation services together with the goods. Customer is always responsible of taking care of the installation of the products and ensuring that products are installed and used according to local laws and regulations and that the products are suitable for the purpose. Many electrical items can only be installed by regulated certified electricians (please consult your own country’s laws and legislation for details).