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Hukka Kiviarina (Stone grate)

Brand: Hukka
Product code: HUKKA-12102
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Home baking is fun! And nothing beats the smell and taste of home made bread or buns. Up till now the best professional bakeries have had “upper hand” as they have been able to bake their products with tasty, crispy bottom. That is due to their high tech ovens with stone on the bottom. Most of us do not have space (or money) for these purpose built baking ovens. Now every home baker can have nice and crispy baked goods. Just put Kiviarina on a baking pan, heat it in the normal home oven and bake on top of it.

  • measurements: 327 x 297 x 10 mm
  • weight: 2,8 kg
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39,90 €
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