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Only 1pc left! Helo 16 PK ES Wood Burning stove with water tank 22 l, front

Brand: Helo
Product code: 289037
Delivery time: 8-15 business days
Delivery cost:
- Delivery Pallet +79,00 €
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The operating efficiency of our wood burning heaters is unrivaled, and the temperatures of the emitted flue gases are record-low. The efficient combustion is based on the skilled use of insulating and heat-retaining materials, optimisation of the sauna stones container, and above all Helo’s efficient double combustion technology. Your heater will heat up quickly, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

All Helo PK heaters allow continuous heating, they are CE-marked, and are equipped with an advanced double flame circulation system and a stylish furnace door of glass.

Our heaters that include a water tank allow you to adjust how rapidly the water heats up according to your preference. When installing the Helo 16 PK ES model equipped with a water tank at the front, you can choose on which side the tap of the of the heater will be, and whether the tap is left- or right-handed. Our larger Helo 20 PK heaters are available with a choice of water tanks either on the left or right side of the stove.

Code Model Sauna volume, m3 Measurements (W x H x D), mm Stones,kg Water tank, l
289037 HELO 16 PK ES water tank at the front 8 - 16 390 x 645 x 706  25 - 30  22

Helo PK Installation and usage manual (3783 kb, application/pdf)
Helo PK Installation and usage manual (3783 kb, application/pdf)
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