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Harvia Sauna Stone set 80kg for Harvia Cilindro electric heaters (not Cilindro E) (sold only with heater)

Brand: Harvia
Product code: 4xAC3000
Availability: IN STOCK
Delivery time: 3-8 business days
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Sauna heater stone set 80kg for Harvia Cilindro electric heaters (not Cilindro E). Consists of 4 pcs of 20kg boxes of original Harvia sauna stones of size 5-10cm suitable for electric heaters. This product is only sold with the Cilindro heaters!

Harvia sauna stones are selected according to old traditions and convey a genuine sauna atmosphere. Harvia sauna stones provide good and soft heat. Split-face sauna stones are the only correct stones for electric heaters and woodburning stoves, because they can store lots of heat and the water evaporates efficiently from the wide surface of fracture. Angular split-face stones also allow for loose placement of the stones, which is the most important requirement particularly in electric heaters in order to make it possible for the heat to be conveyed to the sauna room between the hot stones and heating elements. Good air circulation in the stone space makes the electric heating elements last for as long as possible.