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Harvia LTY17 Power extension unit

Brand: Harvia
Product code: LTY170400
Delivery time: 8-15 business days
Delivery cost:
- Delivery Parcel +29,90 €
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Harvia LTY17 and LTY17C

Power extension units for expanding output range of control units


  • Controlling the most powerful Harvia heaters (Virta HL220, Elegance F18, Profi) with stylish and modern Griffin and Xenio control units
  • Budget solutions in combination with C90 and C105S control units
  • Controlling two separate heaters with a single control panel

LTY17 is for normal sauna heaters and LTY17C is for Combi heaters. A power extension unit only works in connection with C90, C105S, Griffin and Xenio control units, not as a stand-alone unit.

Harvia LTY17 Harvia LTY17C
Output max. 17 kW 17 kW
Output max. (Griffin/Xenio + LTY17) 34 kW
Output max. (Griffin Combi/Xenio Combi + LTY17C) 28 kW
Output max. (C90 + LTY17) 26 kW
Output max. (C105S + LTY17C) 27,5 kW
Weight 1,9 kg  2,1 kg
Width 281 mm  281 mm
Depth 70 mm  70 mm
Height 224 mm 224 mm
Product code  LTY170400 LTY170400C
EAN  6410082614042 6410082614059

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