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Harvia Globe GL110 11kW Electric Sauna Heater with separate control panel

Brand: Harvia
Product code: HGL110400
Delivery time: 8-15 business days
Delivery cost:
- Delivery Parcel +29,90 €
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Harvia Globe sauna heater offers you a pleasant bathing experience, not only through heat and steam, but also through its unique design and excellent usability. Cast out your preconceptions about the position of the heater in a sauna! The Harvia Globe can be positioned on a wall, on a stand or even hanged from the ceiling. This freedom of choice also lets your imagination run wild when planning the bench layout for your sauna.

Harvia Globe is also an example of environmentally friendly design: The finest raw material – sturdy stainless steel – is used by producing as little waste as possible and no harmful chemicals are used in its surface finish. A completely new way of thinking is also apparent in the design of the heater, which is made out of precisely laser-cut steel arches and rings. The amount of sauna stones is carefully optimized: The heater heats up quickly without sacrificing the softness of the steam.

Harvia Globe heaters GL70 (Ø 430 mm) and GL110 (Ø 500 mm) are controlled with a touch-screen control panel. The user-friendly touch-screen control panel with a highly accurate temperature adjustment has been designed for your convenience according to Harvia's design principles. The simple and stylish splash-proof control panel can be placed inside or outside the sauna room. The heater includes a compact power unit, which provides electricity to the heating elements. The heater is connected to the power unit via a cable running inside an armored tube. The heater's temperature sensor is installed in the ceiling of the sauna room and connected to the power unit via a cable.

Model   GL110  
Output kW   10,5  
Sauna room min. m3   9  
Sauna room max. m3   15  
Sauna room height min. cm   190  
Stone capacity max. kg
Dimensions width mm   500  
Dimensions height mm   475  
Dimensions depth mm   500  
Weight kg   14  
Supply voltage 3-phase   400 V 3N  
Connecting cable mm2   5 x 2,5  
Sensor cable mm2   4 x 0,25  
Fuse A   3 x 16  
Control unit   -  
Safety distance to wall or
front lower platform mm
Safety distance to ceiling mm   900  
Safety distance to floor mm   20  

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