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Biolan Populett 200 Dry toilet (brown)

Brand: Biolan
Product code: 5786
Delivery time: 8-15 business days
Delivery cost:
- Delivery Pallet +79,00 €
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Biolan Populett 200 is an easy-to-use toilet for places where a toilet is used frequently. The unit is suitable for cottages, tourist destinations, worksites, stopovers and public gatherings. The toilet is available in one size: 200 litres. The Populett can be installed in two different ways, so that it separates either seep liquid or urine. The toilet unit's smooth outer surface is easy to clean. The seat is a comfortable and durable thermal seat. The toilet's efficient natural ventilation ensures the space stays odourless. A cassette-type replacement tank, which enables the waste to be composted in the tank, is available for the unit. The tanks are easy to move using the wheels provided. The toilet is dimensioned so that even a waste truck can be used for emptying it.

  • available in one size: 200 litres
  • suited even to places where the toilet is frequently used
  • as required, separates urine before it gets mixed with the mass
  • efficient, natural ventilation
  • the seat is a hinged thermal seat
  • easy-to-clean surfaces
Product data
volume about 200 litres
seat height 48 cm
height 93,5 cm
weight about 50 kg
diameter of the outlet air pipe 110 mm
diameter of the liquid removal pipe 32 mm
colour brown

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