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Biolan Pehvakka, hinged thermal seat

Brand: Biolan
Product code: 5785
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Biolan Pehvakka is a hinged thermal seat, which is hygienic and durable. The flexible foam material neither cracks in use nor absorbs moisture. Both the lid and the seat ring can be lifted up, which makes thorough cleaning of the seat easy. It can be cleaned using any common domestic cleaning agents. Pehvakka feels comfortable and warm. Can be fitted in toilets where the distance between the hinge pins is either 16 cm or 18 cm.

Suitable for:Biolan Komplet Dry Toilet, Separating Dry Toilet, Populetts.

  • made of durable and elastic polypropylene
  • neither absorbs water nor becomes brittle
  • also the underside of the seat ring is easy to clean 
  • can be washed using common domestic cleaning agents 
  • the distance between the hinge pins either 16 cm or 18 cm
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29,90 €
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