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Biolan Icelett freezing toilet

Brand: Biolan
Product code: 5700
Delivery time: 8-15 business days
Delivery cost:
- Delivery Pallet +79,00 €
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The Biolan Icelett is an odourless, tidy and environmentally friendly toilet. The Icelett is placed on the floor.  It requires neither water nor a sewer to operate ─ just electric power. The operating principle of the unit is to freeze the waste. The unit cools the waste to -15 degrees Celsius, at which temperature the microbial activity stops. Thanks to the heat lock formed by the condensing air, the Icelett is pleasant to sit on, and the seat does not feel cold.

  • does not require water, sewer or ventilation pipe 
  • easy to install anywhere 
  • the waste freezes rapidly: odourless 
  • only the lower part of the vessel stays cold: comfortable and warm to sit on 
  • easy to keep clean 
  • neat and hygienic 
  • the bag in the vessel can be composted
Product data  
length 64 cm
width 44 cm
height 56 cm
sitting height 48 cm
weight 30 kg
size of the inner receptacle 20 litres
length of the power cord 2.20 m
voltage 230 V
fuse 4 A
capacity 60 W
consumption of electricity max. 1.44 kWh/day

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