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Biolan Composting toilet ECO

Brand: Biolan
Product code: 5796
Delivery time: 8-15 business days
Delivery cost:
- Delivery Pallet +79,00 €
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The Composting Toilet Biolaneco is an odourless, tidy and environmentally friendly toilet. The thermally insulated construction of the composter produces compost rapidly and also enables the composting of household waste. Its operating principle is natural so it requires neither water nor electricity supply. The Composting Toilet Biolaneco is manufactured in a factory powered by wind.

  • Finnish
  • efficiently composts the solid waste 
  • composts also household biowaste
  • collects the seep liquid
  • thermally insulated construction
  • natural ventilation
  • odourless and comfortable to use
  • durable thermal seat: Pehvakka
  • easy-to-clean surfaces
  • convenient and odourless emptying
  • long emptying interval
  • manufactured in a factory that is powered by wind
Product data  
volume about 200 litres
bottom area 54 x 54 cm
seat top area 65 x 65 cm
height about 97 cm
weight about 24 kg
external diameter of the outlet air pipe 75 mm
length of the outlet air pipe 2 x 1000 mm
external diameter of the liquid removal pipe 32 mm
length of the drain pipe 12 - 95 cm
volume of the seep liquid canister 25 l
colour mud-brown

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