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Biolan Compost and Dry Toilet Bulking Material, 5 sack (200L)

Brand: Biolan
Product code: 5x70562100
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Biolan Compost and Dry Toilet Bulking Material, 5 sack (5 x 40L = 200L).

Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material is a blend made of pure, dried and ground conifer bark, wood and peat for composting and dry toilets. Its composition is adequately rough for use especially as bedding in a Composting Toilet. Studies show that the Komposti and Huussi Dry Bedding is an excellent blend for domestic composting. Use it regularly in a compost to keep the mass loose and to ensure efficient and odourless composting.


Household biowaste:
Cover the domestic biowaste with a thin layer of Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material. In general, a suitable dose is half of the amount of household waste added to the compost. If the compost is wet or smells, increase the dosing.

Garden biowaste:
Apply Compost and Toilet Bulking Material to the garden waste in layers. If the compost is dry, sprinkle with water.

Dry toilet waste:
After every time the toilet is used, add approximately 2–5 dl of Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material over the leavings. Cover with particular care, if you are also composting household biowaste in the toilet.


Keep covered against rain. We recommend keeping the product in a warm space during winter frost.

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